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The One Ring : Symbol of Broken Promises

I sold my wedding rings in 2019.

Yes, by the grace of God I'm still married to the same man. (You can read more about that here.)

But it was time to let the old rings go for a couple reasons:

1) In October of 2019, we were still on Baby Step 2 (if you follow Ramsey Solutions' Financial Peace University plan, you'll know that means we were in the throes of paying down our debt)

We were getting as creative as possible with ways to pay it off as quickly as we could!

2) I was driving home from work every day and seeing the diamonds in my rings glistening in the sun... and remembering ONE THING:

"These rings only remind me of BROKEN promises."

I waited a couple weeks before I broached the subject with Nic – I was fearful of heaping the old shame from his former addiction on him.

When I came to him and explained what I was thinking, he simply said:

"That makes total sense you feel that way. Let's sell them."

So we did.

(Side note: did you know diamonds do NOT hold their value? We barely got 50% of what he'd paid for the set!)

I took a TINY piece of the proceeds and purchased a simple gold band from Able.

On the inside of my band, I had a word engraved:


I've been wearing that gold band ever since that day in 2019.

Fast forward to May of this year – we celebrated 15 years of marriage on May 26th

To celebrate, we took a trip to Colorado (just the 2 of us!) and renewed our vows

It was time for a new ring

We settled on this blue topaz stone

It symbolizes "loyalty and righteousness, is associated with true love, which is clear-sighted and built on trust, deep relationship, and communication."

I already had the stone in a necklace setting, so we had it reworked into a ring setting.

To me, it's a symbol of exactly what our marriage has gone through:

The old one is dead and gone.

The new one had to be rebuilt from the ground up 🙌

Now it's more precious than before - because we value what it took to get here.

What do you need to let go & surrender so something new can be rebuilt in its place?


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