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It Wasn't Your Fault

You look in the mirror and see only projects that need to be tackled.

You stand on the scale and feel only defeat as the number is never what it 'should' be.

Body parts hang lower than society says they 'should'.

Because you're a rockstar Momma, your 20yo body won't ever be back... but you still live under the expectation a 'magic diet' or 'strict exercise regimen' will resurrect what's long gone.

You don't have what it takes to be a ________________ because you're not __________ enough.

He'll never want you because you'll never look like THAT.

Any of these thoughts ever run through your mind?

The enemy is at work in ALL our lives to steal, kill, and destroy what God made to be GOOD, beautiful, and pure.

And when your spouse has been addicted to pornography, the insecure thoughts reach a whole new level of volume and intensity.

But dear sister of mine, I need you to hear me on this:

He didn't do that because of you.

He didn't do that because you weren't ________ enough.

He didn't do that because you didn't keep your 22yo figure.


His addiction had NOTHING to do with you. Hear me?


He fell prey to lies the enemy was selling.

He believed he could keep his addiction AND you.

He thought 'no one would get hurt'.

He was selfish.

He was wrong.

But it had nothing to do with you and who God made YOU to be.

You know what God says about you?

You are a daughter of The King.

You were bought with a price.

You are far more precious than jewels.

You are worth being well.

You are worth having boundaries.

You are worthy of deep, connected relationships built on trust.

It's not your spouse's job to give this identity to you. This is the part that rests solely on your shoulders:

You must CHOOSE this life and surrender it all to Jesus. 🙌

There's no other way to move forward in life as a precious, worthy woman of God.

And remember, you're not alone on this journey.


If you're still struggling with these mental hurdles on a daily basis, you would benefit from seeing a licensed Christian sex addiction therapist (CSAT) in your area. Check out this database here.

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